Monday, November 3, 2008

Calculate Your Power Supply Needs

a power supply is one of the vital component in building a pc,its like the heart of the computer,giving your computer a power source needed to run.

These days, power supply is getting cheaper and cheaper each time,you can get a 500w psu (power supply unit) in just around $45 ,really useful if your computer need a lot of power resource, otherwise its just gonna be a power sucking device, wasting power as it live

so how do we calculate our power supply needs for our computer n avoid wasting unnecesary power?
well, you can calculate manually all the component inside the pc by looking at every user manual, a lot of time n effort needed of course, but if you wanted a quick estimation of your power needed you can do it online ...yes online
so you can get an up to date component choice , and more over its FREE!! , yup ,you can use it straight away, n with a few clicks you'll get an estimated calculation of your power needs
two of the sites that provide an online calculation of power supply are Extreme Outerversion and Journey System

Both of them having great amount of hardware type eg:cpu,graphic card , it feels like you can always find a match configuration for your current pc,so if you dont wanna sunken in those user manual and a calculator,those sites are surely more preferable

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beautiful Blogger Template With No Cost

hmm.. ever feel need to change your default blogger template ? got nowhere to look at ? youll find this post helpfull then.

If you need 2 ( two ) or 3 ( three ) column blogger template that wont bitting your finance *grin* youll definitely find some of beautiful template on .

its one of many sites that offer some nice clean template ,mostly its only variate on background pictures,but worth to try still. here's some of the template you'll find there :

Water Beads Template

Chocolate Template

Red Heart Template

there's old blogger html template too, aside from the new xml template , find out more of those free template on

Monday, October 20, 2008

Stock.xchng-Free Stock Photo

Have you ever needed a photo for your graphic design, but cant find one on your collection that is good enough , or didn't want to spend your money on some expensive photo set ? maybe you should try looking for some free stock photo. Free stock photo are photo that you could download for free -that means no money involved,unless you wanted to donate to the photographer. Some of this photo only require you to notify the owner when you use his/her photo for public work,some forbid you to used it for commercial use. Another great side is the'res some photographer that will give you their photo in license free term,yes that means you could use their photo for anything you like,with just minimal -if not not any- restriction.

One of my favorite free stock photo site is Stock Exchange (Stock.Xchng),you can find a lot of free stock photo with high quality there, and more importantly you'll find there's many restriction free stock - and with nice shots too,so you can use it as you wish.

Registering is very easy,in just a few click away you'll get access to thousands of free stock photo,its one of the best free stock photo site in my opinion. Learn more about Stock Exchange.